Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding

Campbell is well known in the press repair industry for quality, efficiency and productivity.  Our hydraulic press repair work covers the repair and replacement of component parts as well as providing complete rebuilding of hydraulic presses.  We can also update and modernize your equipment with new controls, hydraulics and robotic automation.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding: Disassembly & Inspection

Projects begin with the disassembly, inspection, and engineering of the parts and components. Parts are checked for wear, cracks and dimensional integrity. From this inspection, an inspection report is generated with recommendations and options for the customer to evaluate.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding:
Welding of Parts

Crossheads, moving platens and beds tend to be large components that are not readily available for replacement.  Welding is a viable option when wear or cracks appear in your press.  Rams are also wear items that can be repaired saving time and money over replacements.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding: Machining of Parts

Our machining capacity will allow for the machining of the crosshead, platens and rams from hydraulic presses.  We also offer on-site machining when needed for platens to be cleaned up square and true.  We can also machine new components parts from castings or fabrications made in our welding and fabrication department.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding:
Assembly & Testing

When rebuilding hydraulic presses all repaired parts will be checked for size and quality before assembly begins. Subassemblies will be fit to engineered tolerances before installing them in the frame for final fitting and making adjustments for proper running clearance and operation. Rebuilt hydraulic stamping presses will be test run in our plant before final customer run off and acceptance.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding:
On-site Machining, Welding, and Millwrighting.

Our skilled technicians can perform maintenance and repair work in your plant. Troubleshooting, disassembly, repair, adjustment work, and assembly can be done on-site. We will also provide on-site welding and on-site machining work to save on downtime or disassembly time.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding:
Controls, Lube Systems, Hydraulics, and Upgrades

Rebuilding will typically include installing new controls, rebuilding or replaced hydraulic manifolds, valves and pumps. Robotic automation can also be added to modernize a press cell.

Hydraulic Press Repair & Rebuilding:
Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Inspection

Preventative and predictive maintenance is more important than ever.  Campbell can provide preventative maintenance inspections on your equipment and set up and monitor your predictive maintenance programs as well.  If you are looking to set up your own in-house hydraulic press preventative maintenance inspections we can help by providing training and assistance.

Partial list of manufacturers whose equipment we work on:

  • Baldwin
  • Birdsboro
  • Bliss
  • Clearing
  • Danly
  • Davy
  • Erie
  • HPM
  • Hamilton
  • K. R. Wilson
  • Lasco
  • Lowy
  • Lake Erie
  • Pacific
  • Ravne
  • St. Lawrence
  • Schuler
  • S&K Sack & Kiesselbach
  • Verson
  • Wilkins & Mitchell Wood

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