Campbell Inc. has been in the business of metal stamping press repair and press rebuilding, forging equipment repair and rebuilding and general heavy machinery repair since its inception in 1972. We also provide used forging equipment and used stamping equipment as well as representing some OEM’s for new forging equipment. New forging equipment including mechanical forging presses, screw presses, new forging rolls or reducer rolls, new hydraulic forging presses.

Our repair work is the backbone of the company. We have welding and machining capacity in our plant or in the field for the repair of small parts or large frames and equipment. Through years of experience we have developed dependable techniques for the weld repair of many broken steel and cast iron machine parts including; connections, rams, gears, crowns, steam chests, anvils, bases, beds and other parts. We also manufacture new replacement parts; crankshafts, connections, gears, clutch shafts and other parts for manufacturing equipment .

Our work encompasses refurbishing and rebuilding metal stamping presses and metal forging presses, hammers and upsetters back to OEM standards.  We have the capacity to reverse engineer component parts, a necessity for equipment that is no longer built or whose OEM is no longer in business.  Our press rebuilding, hammer rebuilding, upsetter rebuilding can include modernizing and updating older equipment with the latest in controls, pneumatic, hydraulic, lubrication systems and automation.

Often we perform our stamping press repair and forging equipment repair work on an emergency basis.  Much of the work is done in our plant but a good portion is done as field service in the customer’s plant . This work may entail disassembly, inspection, repair and assembly work.  Often field welding and field machining work is needed on larger presses or forging equipment.  We offer on-site welding and on-site machining work to help minimize down time and rigging expenses.

Performing PM Inspections (preventative maintenance inspections) on metal stamping presses, forging hammers, forging presses and upsetters is a strong suit of our company.  We offer one time, annual, semi-annual or quarterly preventative maintenance inspections on forging equipment or stamping presses.  We also provide predictive maintenance programs for stamping presses and forging equipment.  This will allow you to better predict part-service-life and be able to schedule repair and replacement of parts before an unscheduled breakdown occurs.  We can provide a critical spare parts program so that you can maximize your capital expenditures or maintenance expense budget for spare parts and not end up with too much capital tied up in parts.  Our goal is to help metal stamping and metal forging companies optimize their lean maintenance operations.

Our metal stamping repair and rebuilding services cover both mechanical and hydraulic press repairs and rebuilding.  Our forging press repair and rebuilding services covers both mechanical and hydraulic press repairs and rebuilding.  In the forging field, we also provide screw press repair and rebuild work and replacement screw press belts and parts.  Our forging equipment work encompasses upsetter repair and rebuilding, forging hammer repair and rebuilding, forging reducer roll repair and rebuilding as well as other ancillary equipment. We also work on a variety of other heavy machinery for other industries including mining, power generation, plastic molding and die-cast industries along with general fabrication and machining work.

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