Peter Campbell gave two presentations at Metalform 2009

Posted on: April 22, 2009 | By: Campbell Machine Repair | Event, Presentation

1. Evaluating and Improving Preventative Maintenance Inspections
During downturns in the market, preventative maintenance inspections are often overlooked. However, slow times provide a good opportunity to refocus on PM inspections and get your files up to date. When work picks back up you don’t want to be surprised by presses that can’t get the job done. This program will help you evaluate and improve your PM inspections.

  • Where to look for early signs of problems
  • Simple items to add to your PM’s that will have great paybacks
  • New technologies that can be used to detect unseen problems

2. Options for press repair and modernization.

A lot of deferred maintenance occurs during slow periods in manufacturing. However, you will see from this presentation that early detection of problems will save you high repair bills in the future. This talk will show some of the areas where presses tend to fail and what parts will be affected if maintenance is deferred. I will also show you some of the top causes of press failure so you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as others.

  • What parts typically break on a press
  • What are some of your options when a failure occurs
  • What you can do to avoid common mistakes in press operation