Campbell Inc. to exhibit at Forge Fair 2010 in Cincinnati, OH

Abstract Description: Wednesday, April 21 Track C 10:50 am

Forging Hammer Inspection, Repair & Refurbishment

This presentation looks into inspecting forging hammers for early signs of problems. The goal is to look for wear, excess clearance and early signs of developing problems before they cause downtime or a costly, unscheduled breakdown. Through a variety of photographs taken over our 35 years of repairing, making replacement parts and rebuilding hammers this presentation shows where cracks and problems start and what some of your options are for repair, replacement, and modification of hammers. From this talk, you should see where hammers tend to fail and why, and be able to apply this information to your own factory to help optimize your hammer productivity.

Abstract Description: Wednesday, April 21 Track C 2:30 pm

10 Techniques for Minimizing Forging Equipment Repair & Rebuilding Cost.

This presentation provides ten tips forging companies can use to improve their forging equipment and maintenance systems. With a very competitive world market, any small tip or idea that may improve machine uptime, part quality, and productivity, can help the bottom line and improve the overall operations. As rebuilders of hammers, presses, upsetters and other forging equipment we will share some problems we see in the area of forging equipment maintenance.