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Mechanical Stamping Press Repair and Rebuilding


Since 1972 Campbell Inc. has specialize in stamping press repair and rebuilding. The name Campbell is synonymous with stamping press repair and rebuilding through out the industry.  We have a strong reputation for quality, efficiency and productivity in the supply of repair and replacement parts and for general metal stamping presses repair and rebuilding.  We work on small OBI presses, I-let, transfer and draw presses, high speed, straight side, eccentric geared, link and knuckle presses from small 30 ton models to 3000 ton automotive transfer presses. We will perform stamping press repair and rebuilding work on most all makes and models of presses both domestically build and off shore manufactured equipment as well as obsolete equipment. 

To compete in today’s world market, presses need to be kept with tight tolerances and take advantage of the latest in technology to optimize performance and minimize down time. Campbell Inc. is the leader in metal stamping press repair and rebuilding and in helping you keep your presses in optimal running condition.

Stamping Press: Disassembly & Inspection

Rebuilt metal stamping presses or Remanufactured stamping presses can offer like-new quality and productivity at a lower cost than new equipment. Working hand and hand with our technical group we can aid your company in deciding on what services are needed to meet your manufacturing requirements and goals. 

A metal stamping press repair or rebuilding project begins with the disassembly, inspection and engineering of the parts and components. Parts are checked for wear, cracks and dimensional integrity. During this process you are informed of any findings that may impact the project or cause a change in scope or cost.

Repair Metal Stamping Parts: Welding

Cracked or broken press crankshafts can be repaired as well as most all other press parts.  We can perform weld repairs on both cast iron, cast steel or fabricated steel parts.  Cracks are cut out and then welded or brazed. Welding is a very technical discipline and successful welding involves proper preparation and preheat, use of the correct welding procedures and a thorough stress relieving for success.  We at Campbell Inc. have refined our steps and procedures over the years to provide the highest quality press repair welding services in the industry. 

Repair Metal Stamping Parts: Machining

Most all stamping press parts that are welded will require some machining to bring them back to size and square.  Our machining operations can handle the challenges of machining parts that have been welded.  we also manufacture alot of new stamping press parts or replacment parts for presses.  These components will be made in a variety of manners depending on original design, delivery time and cost considerations.  New stamping press parts will be made from forgings, steel plate burnouts, steel or iron castings and fabrications depending on design and function.  Parts are machined to customer specifications or engineered sizes to meet the required clearances and tolerances of their mating parts.

Metal Stamping Press Rebuilding: Assembly & Testing

When rebuilding metal stamping presses all repaired parts will be checked for size and quality before assembly begins.  Sub assemblies will be fit to engineered tolerances before installing them in the frame for final fitting and making adjustments for proper running clearance and operation.  Rebuilt metal stamping presses will be test run in our plant before final customer run off and acceptance.   
Metal stamping press rebuilding will typically include installing new controls, lube systems, pneumatics and some times include installing new clutch & brake assemblies.  Often, rebuilding an older metal stamping press will provide a better return on investment than purchasing a newer press because of the heavier construction of the old press and its related durability.  A good heavy older stamping press rebuilt can returned the press to OEM running specifications and then be modernized with all the latest in controls and operating systems and provide the customer with a great value for for their investment. 

Metal Stamping Press: Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Inspections

Lean manufacturing includes lean maintenance and lean maintenance for stamping presses involves a strong stamping press preventative and predictive maintenance program.  Campbell, Inc. can provide metal stamping press preventative maintenance inspections that will keep you informed of your presses condition.  Our skilled engineers and field service technicians have the experience to perform a one time, annual, semi annual or quarterly preventative maintenance inspections.   If you are looking to set up your own in house stamping press preventative maintenance inspections we can help by providing training and assistance. 

Partial list of manufacturers whose equipment we work on:

Aida, Bliss, Cleanring, Chicago, D&K, Erie, Eumuco, Niagara, Danly, Verson, Erfurt, Schuler, TMP, Voronezh, IWK, Waterbury Farrel, U.S. Baird, Weingarten, British Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell, IHI, Komatsu, Hitachi, Zosen, Fukui, Fagor, Federal, V&O, L&J, South Bend Johnson, Minster, Steel Weld, Soenen, Toledo, PTC, Eagle, Brown & Boggs, Blow, CMC, Sutherland, Perkins, Havir, Hamilton, Baldwin, Manzoni,  Williams & White, Eumuco, to name a few.

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075 New die set for transfer press 082 500 Ton Cincinnati brake press 024 Repaired gap frame press
079 Rebuilt US Baird Transfer press 021 New adjusting screw from casting 023 Weld repair on gap frame press
New bolster 020 Broken adjusting screw 022 Cracked Gap frame press
031 New eccentric gears manufactured by Campbell Disassemble in field, repair parts and reassembly in field. 041 Rebuilt Minster ram assembly
030 Fabricating new eccentric gears 051 Assembling a clutch Disassembled in fireld, repairs made and then reassembled.
074 Scraping and flaking US Baird ram 050 Minster clutch in for a rebuild Rebuilt ram assembly and updated overloads
078 US Baird during rebuild Repairs made to presses before shipping to India 071 Bliss Knuckle press rebuilt
077 US Baird before rebuild 085 600 Ton Minster Knuckle press coming in for a rebuild 072 New controls Bliss press rebuild & modernization
040 Ram assembly rebuild 027 Manufacturing a new connection from a casting 073 New controls
002 Disassembly work in customer's plant 052 Rebuilding two Ortlinghaus clutches 003 Field service on eccentic drive press
004 Disassembly work in the customer's plant 044 Finished ram after welding and machining New bolsters IMG_7140
080 Clearing Niagara press 029 Manufacturing a new crankshaft Machining 2000 Ton Hydraulic press cross head.
028 Broken crank 062 Installing new lube system Fabricating 2000 Ton Hydraulic press cross head
061 Double action 30 Ton Perkins press Assemblying rebuilt press 060 Minster High speed press rebuild
Repaired leaks and replated worn cylinders and rams. Machining press bed on mill Installing press in customer's plant in Japan
066 750 Ton Aida presses

Campbell Inc. can provide you with used forging or metal stamping equipment or assist you in your search.  We work with many of the top machinery dealers and also are aware of under utilized equipment and spare parts that our customers have that may  be available for purchase.  We can also provide the service of inspecting the equipment before you purchase it and provide a quote for repairs, replacement parts, rebuilding or modernizing the equipment to satisfy your needs. 

We work with used metal stamping presses, used forging presses, used hydraulic forging presses, used hammers, used upsetters, used reducer rolls, used open die hammers to name a few.  We work on all major brands of metal stamping presses: Aida, Bliss, Cleanring, Chicago, D&K, Erie, Eumuco, Niagara, Danly, Verson, Erfurt, Schuler, TMP, Voronezh, IWK, Waterbury Farrel, U.S. Baird, Weingarten, British Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell, IHI, Komatsu, Hitachi, Zosen, Fukui, Fagor, Federal, V&O, L&J, South Bend Johnson, Minster, Steel Weld, Soenen, Toledo, PTC, Eagle, Brown & Boggs, Blow, CMC, Sutherland, Perkins, Havir, Hamilton, Baldwin, Manzoni,  Williams & White, Eumuco.

We work on all makes and models of foring equipment including: Ajax, B&S Massey, Beche, Bliss, Clearing, Danly, Erie, Erfurt,  Etchells, Eumuco, Ficep, FPM,  Hasenclever, Komatsu, Kurimoto, Lasco, Manzoni, Massey, Maxi press, Multiforge, Muller Weingarten, National,  Niagara,  Schuler, Siempelkamp, Smeral, Sumitomo, TMP, Voronezh,  Verson, Viccari,  Zdas, Wilkins & Mitchell,   

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