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Hammer repair & rebuilding


Since 1972 Campbell Inc. has specialize in forging hammer repair and rebuilding. The name Campbell is well known in the forging industry for quality, efficiency and productivity in rebuilding forging hammers and the supply of repair and replacement parts.   To compete in today’s world market, presses need to be in top shape and must maintaining proper tolerances and clearances to produce quality parts.  Forgers also need to take advantage of the latest in technology in order to optimize performance and minimize down time.  Campbell Inc's forging hammer rebuild team is uptodate on all of the latest improvements in the industry and can provide you with the best options for your forging press rebuild.  Campbell Inc. is the leader in forging hammer repair and rebuilding and providing the service and parts you need in a timely and cost effective manner.

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding: Disassembly & Inspection

A forging hammer repair or rebuilding project at Campbell, Inc. begins with the disassembly, inspection and engineering of the parts and components. Parts are thoroughly cleaned, checked for wear, cracks and dimensional integrity.  A forging hammer repair and rebuild inspection report is provided detailing our findings and calling out anything that may impact the project or cause a change in scope or cost.

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding: Welding of Parts

Due to the hight cost and low availability of replacement parts, repairing damaged or worn forging hammer parts is a very productive and cost effective idea.  Our forging hammer repair work involves welding worn, damaged or broken parts.  We are able to perform weld repairs on cast iron, cast steel, forged or fabricated steel parts.  Cracks are cut out and then welded or brazed.   Successful forging hammer repair welding involves proper preparation, preheat, the selection of welding materials and welding proceedures used is critical as is the stress relieving of the part.  We at Campbell Inc. have refined our steps and procedures over the years to provide the highest quality welding services in the industry for forging hammer repair. 

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding: Machining of Parts

Forging hammer repair involves machining on welded parts, fabricated and cast parts or forged material.  We understanding the proper clearances and tolerances demanded by the different forging hammers.  Our engineering staff will work with you on selecting the best materials for the different forging hammer parts to insure the longevity of the finished components.

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding: Assembly & Testing

When rebuilding forging hammers or repairing forging hammer parts the finished components will first be checked for size and quality before the sub assemblies fit together.  On forging hammer rebuilds the sub assemblies will then be installed in the frame, adjusted for proper running clearance and operation.  Rebuilt forging hammers will be test run in our plant before final customer run off and acceptance.    

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding: on site machining, welding and millwrighting.

Campbell Inc. can provided skilled technicians to perform maintenance and repair work in your plant.  Our millwrights can travel to your site for trouble shooting, disassembly, repair, adjustment work and assembly.  We will also provide welding work in the field and have welded crowns, steam chests, anvils and columns of hammers in place.  Portable machining work is also a viable alternative removing the parts or disassembly and shipping of the complete hammer.  This is a valuable service for forging hammer repair and rebuilding.

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding: Preventative and predictive maintenance inspection

Forging hammer preventative and predictive maintenance is more important than ever.  If you hope to compete in a world market, knowing what shape your forging hammer is in is critical for maximizing machine uptime.  Campbell, Inc. can provide forging hammer preventative maintenance inspections on your equipment and set up and monitor your predictive maintenance programs as well.   Our skilled engineers and field service technicians have the experience to perform a one time, annual, semi annual or quarterly forging hammer preventative maintenance inspections.   If you are looking to set up your own in house forging hammer preventative maintenance inspections we can help by providing training and assistance. 

Hammer Repair & Rebuilding:Partial list of manufacturers whose hammers we work on:

Chambersburg, Ceco, Cecostamp, Erie, Alliance, Banning, Beche, Lasco, B&S Massey, Eumuco, Anyang, Board Drop hammers, Die forger, rope drop, Belt drop, Wolf, Progresul, Nazel, Bradley, Niles Bement to name a few.


Machining Die Forger column Rebuidiing Chambersburg CH hammer Machining new open die hammer ram
Repaired impactor impellers Rebuilding Chambersburg CH hammer New open die hammer ram
Open die hammer Cracked Lasco Hammer Ram Repaired Lasco sow
Open die hammer Machining steam chest Repaired Lasco hammer Ram
New impactor impellers Finished Machined steam chest Erie hammer ram with cracks in die pocket
Open die Erie Hammer Braze welded Cecoloy steam chest Cracks in die pocket of 10000# ram
Rebuilt Cecostamp Hammer Repaired Cecoloy columns Chambersburg die forger columns for repair
New controls on Cecostamp hammer Machinng anvil from Chambersburg Erie column with cracks coming out of guide bolt hole
New valving on Cecostamp hammer Steel Chambersburg anvil- weld repair 007c
Rebuild of Cecostamp hammer Machining Cecoloy  Column New Lasco ram
IM003041 Machining Ceco column Chambersburg Cecoloy steam chest after braze welding
Cracked Lasco Frame - Field repair Welding steel anvil chamb cyl mach IMG_7697
Cecostamp hammer columns repaired Finished New open die hammer ram Chamb cyl done IMG_7718
Repaired impactor guides Cracks in Erie steam chest around valves finished columns after braze welding and machining
Cracked impactor impeller Erie column witih top welded back on Chambersburg columns after braze welding
Chambersburg hammer disassembly & inspeciton Erie column with top welded back on Brazing steam chst IMG_7305
Open die Chambersburg Erie column with top broken off

Campbell Inc. can provide you with used forging or metal stamping equipment or assist you in your search.  We work with many of the top machinery dealers and also are aware of under utilized equipment and spare parts that our customers have that may  be available for purchase.  We can also provide the service of inspecting the equipment before you purchase it and provide a quote for repairs, replacement parts, rebuilding or modernizing the equipment to satisfy your needs. 

We work with used metal stamping presses, used forging presses, used hydraulic forging presses, used hammers, used upsetters, used reducer rolls, used open die hammers to name a few.  We work on all major brands of metal stamping presses: Aida, Bliss, Cleanring, Chicago, D&K, Erie, Eumuco, Niagara, Danly, Verson, Erfurt, Schuler, TMP, Voronezh, IWK, Waterbury Farrel, U.S. Baird, Weingarten, British Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell, IHI, Komatsu, Hitachi, Zosen, Fukui, Fagor, Federal, V&O, L&J, South Bend Johnson, Minster, Steel Weld, Soenen, Toledo, PTC, Eagle, Brown & Boggs, Blow, CMC, Sutherland, Perkins, Havir, Hamilton, Baldwin, Manzoni,  Williams & White, Eumuco.

We work on all makes and models of foring equipment including: Ajax, B&S Massey, Beche, Bliss, Clearing, Danly, Erie, Erfurt,  Etchells, Eumuco, Ficep, FPM,  Hasenclever, Komatsu, Kurimoto, Lasco, Manzoni, Massey, Maxi press, Multiforge, Muller Weingarten, National,  Niagara,  Schuler, Siempelkamp, Smeral, Sumitomo, TMP, Voronezh,  Verson, Viccari,  Zdas, Wilkins & Mitchell,   

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